Corporate Profile

Zeolite is a mineral of absorbent volcanic ashes, with unique phisic and chemic catións interchange, to be used in the agriculture, for animal food complement, air and  wáter filtration, contamination control, odor control, oil recolectation, acuaculture, waste wáter treatment, ammonia recolectation and heavy metals, and to be used in diferent industries, like pharmaceutical, cosmetologic, paper, paint and others.


This mineral deposits are estimated in 35 millions of metric tons and our installed production exceeds 21,000 metrics tons per year.


The operation that we offer are: crushing, screening, mixing, drying, storage and trasportation.

Mineral sizes (mesh)

Grupo coypus have this mineral in different sizes: gravel, sands, and dust.T

he sizes we have in stock for inmediatly shippment, are:

Most of our sales are for factories, supermarkets, and general supply. 

  • Mesh 4 o 4.76 mm 
  • Mesh 8 o 2.48 mm 
  • Mesh 12 o 1.41 mm 
  • Mesh 100 o 0.149 mm 
  • Mesh 200 o 0.074 mm 
  • Mesh 300

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