1 kg Box or bag.

Deodorant for carpet, furniture or rugs.


Fresh and totally eliminates odors.


If you are a pet lover, you will love this product to deodorize your carpet, bedrooms  and your home.


Clean Carpet is formulated to go deep in your carpet and absorb odors that no other product can reach.

  • Eliminates odor for absorption.
  • Easy to vacuum
  • Leaves a fresh and clean aroma.
  • Natural product.
  • Can be used around any pet
  • Use it everytime you vacuum your home, car, office…

     Clean Carpet is a mineral based product, with a special thermotreatment for better absorption and pet friendly. There is nothing better to eliminate ammonia, the main cause of urine odor.


     Clean carpet is 100% natural.


     Spread over the area you wish to eliminate odor, leave it act for a few minutes and vacuum normally. The longer you leave it the better result you get.


     For better results in saturated areas, leave it act overnight and then vacuum normally.