Presentation: 3kg. bag and 25 kg. sack

Clean Kitty  cat´s sand  is a thermotreated mineral for better absortion and tested to provide the best odor control at your home. There is nothing better in ammonia control which is the main cause of urine odor.

Clean Kitty is 100% natural, activated for odor absorption; Clean Kitty eliminates odor not only disguise them.

  •  Non toxic.
  •  Does not stick on your cat´s hair.
  •  Absorbs ammonia odors.

 You will always have a healthy and odor-free environment.

 Your cat will be healthier and free from  pulmonar diesease.


Use a waterproof box comfortable enough, for your cat Fill the bottom of the box with Clean Kitty depending on your cat´s size and weight.


  • Remove solids daily.
  • Refill your box once a week or before if needed.
  •  This is a non-toxic product, but feces manipulation may cause parasite contagion. Use of gloves is recommended and wash your hands after box manipulation.