Presentation: 5kg bag and 25kg sack.

Sanitized sand for pets

This mineral helps to eliminate pets’ odor in your home.

 You only have to use it in it’s box, place, cage.

Excellent for pets in captivity, your pets will be free of pulmonar diseses, Clean Pet, abosrbs the odor and eliminetes the ammonia, wich is the principal cause of diseases.

Uses, and Advantages.

  • Non toxic for your pet, (birds, ferrets. Hamsters, rabbit, snakes, iguanas, and others.
  •  Does not stick in feathers, and hair.
  •  Eliminates ammonia odors, by absortion.
  •  Your pet, will be more healthy, without pulmonar troubles,  beingn free of ammonias.
  •  You will never have bad odors at home.


Use a waterproof box, cage or tank, comfortable enough, for your pet.

 Fill the bottom of your box with Clean Pet.

 Change the product once it is saturated or when needed.

 This is a non-toxic product, but feces manipulation may cause parasite contagion. Use of gloves is recommended and wash your hands after box manipulation.

Clean Pet - Zeolita para cama de animales..