In our gardening and cropland section, we have products environment friendly, earth and soil regenerative and natural and organic fertilizers that helps the plant to use water and nutrients in a more efficient way. These are products that work for a better and greener world!



5 kg bag and 50 kg sack.


Zeo-fert is a 100% natural fertilizer.

Zeo-fert-in agriculture, offers important benefits when it is applied in combination with other fertilizers, making more efficient the supply of water and nutrients.

Zeo-fert avoids contamination in soil, water resources and air.
Zeofert acts as water reservoir because of its high capacity of absorption when irrigation fails.

Zeofert  is a heavy metal free mineral, it retains nutrients making them more available for the plant when needed.

Zeofert is a conditioner for soil, it avoids compaction and it gives more aereation making a better environment for the plant´s growth.


  • Zeofert is 100% natural, soil regenerator and fertilizer.
  • Reduces water use.
  • Excelent soil conditioner
  • It raises permanency of soil elements
  • It gives a better performance in all aspects.


Other mixes Zeofert Nitro, Zeofert 16 16 16, and Zeofert Plus.



  • We recommend the following average proportions.

For ornamental plants in pots.

  • 0.5 kg of Zeo-fert per 1 kg of soil.

Ornamental plants in ground. 

  • Add to the surface mixing with soil 0.5 to 1” of Zeo-fert and water.

For garden and lawns.

  • Add 0.5kg per m2 

For agriculture add 2-3 tons per ha.
For greenhouse mix up to 30% with the substrate.