Zeoflora  is a natural compost based on animal and vegetable waste, it is a soil regenerator and “food” for your ornamental plants and flowers.

Zeoflora is compound of mineral and organic materials, providing organic materia and making a better structure of soil, reducing usage of water and providing nutrients that helps the plant´s growth.

Zeoflora will give you stronger and bigger flowers.



  • Zeoflora is natural and eco-friendly.
  • It improves vitality on roots and plants.
  • Reduces water and chemical substances on your flowers.


For ornamental plants in pot. 

  • 1.5 kg of Zeoflora per 1kg of soil

For flowers in pot

  • Add 1kg of Zeoflora per kg of soil.

For flowers or plants in ground.

  • Add to the surface mixing with soil 1-3inches of Zeoflora and water.